Digital artwork.

My day job is Director of Engineering at Octopus Deploy. One day, my friend and coworker Kim asked our CEO for an official branded Octopus mug. Sadly, they weren’t made anymore. So I drew a likeness of the Octopus logo on my phone as a joke and turned it into a mug. And that’s how Badly Drawn Octopus became an internal meme at Octopus.

A Badly Drawn Octopus mug.

By popular demand, I turned the Badly Drawn Octopus into t-shirts, even designing a customised Octopus for each of the software development teams. Soon everyone from engineers to VP’s kids were wearing the Badly Drawn Octopus.

A customised Badly Drawn Octopus for the Modelling at Scale team. Gotta go fast!

Eventually, this Badly Drawn Octopus made its way into the product itself. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, a Badly Drawn Octopus will appear to offer suggestions.

An Octopus helping you with an error message in Octopus Deploy.

If your heart desires a Badly Drawn Octopus of your own, you can buy stuff from my Redbubble store.