I tried to give up coffee a few times, since apparently caffeine is bad for you. It didn’t go well. I became so irritable that people around me started to beg me to drink coffee again. So it looks like I’m stuck with you forever coffee, you dark beautiful beast you.

I started this whole Redbubble thing in the first place because I wanted new coffee mugs. Currently I have a total of four coffee mugs – two that I like and two that I dislike.

Mugs that I like:

  • The mug I got on my first day working for Wildfire, which has the old Wildfire logo on it and my name. Ah, memories.
  • A mug I’ve had for about 20 years that has a picture of a green tree frog on it on one side and scientific information about green tree frogs on the other side. I like frogs. I like frogs a lot.

Mugs that I dislike:

  • A mug my parents bought me in Greece with badly-drawn cartoon cats all over it. It’s much too tall and holds slightly too much coffee.
  • A mug I’ve had sinceĀ I was a teenager with my full name “Patricia” on it, explaining that “Patricia” means “noble”. It has a picture of a cartoon blonde princess on it patting a knight on the head, and a poem that says something about how I’m a “prize for a knight in shining armor”. Words can’t begin to describe how much this irritates me.

Since 50% of my mug collection bothers me so much, I decided it best if I just designed my own mugs that would bring me joy and coffee. My first idea was to put a picture of a coffee mug on to a picture of a coffee mug. Makes sense.

So I drew a picture of a mug in Sketches and put a happy cute face on it because coffee makes me happy so why shouldn’t it make the mug happy? I don’t like to think of my mugs as resentful servants, more like amiable kitchen helpers. But I guess deep down I still suspect they might see themselves as resentful servants. I just have to remind myself that this is their problematic attitude, and not my fault.

Buy this mug on a mug or on a t-shirt if you fancy, from Redbubble.