Acrylic on canvas, 24x36in. For sale – $200.

Believe it or not, this painting began like this:

Fluid painting on my awesome new easel

Looks a bit different, right? Like a completely different painting. Yeah, that’s because I originally had this idea that I’d do some kind of pastel-hued fluid painting and then swipe acrylic over the top with a palette knife and you’d just get pastel colours peeking through the white, like the sunset behind the clouds or something. Well, it really really didn’t work that way.

The irony of this entire project is that I wanted to paint something very relaxing. The sort of painting you could hang in a hotel lobby or a doctor’s surgery, that everyone would look at and think “ahh, what a lovely relaxing place I’m in”. But painting this thing was a pretty crazy process.

First, I ruined the original fluid painting with white aerosol.

Welcome to my pastel nightmare.

Some of you might be thinking hey, that doesn’t look so bad! Well nuts to you because I hate it. I stared into the abyss of my own self-loathing, rendered in pastels, and I didn’t feel relaxed at all.

So I thought, maybe if I continue with the plan it will come good. I got out the palette knife and the white paint and went for it.

Why are there brown smears on it? I don’t have a bad answer for that but I certainly don’t have a good one either.

Nope, still hideous. I thought, you know what? Let’s just paint over the whole damn thing.

I fixed it! And by fixed, I mean I painted over the top of it.

Hey great, now it looks nothing like the original painting, which is a definite improvement. I thought it looked kind of like clouds or water or something, so I decided to paint a swirly line through which would look kind of like the shape water or clouds make if you draw a line sort of downwards through the edges. I had a new silver Ironlak paint pen to use so I tried that out.

It literally looked like someone had scribbled on my painting. Like some kid had just vandalized it. So I painted over THAT with gold paint. But rich gold is not relaxing. It’s not relaxing at all. You’d think being rich is relaxing but noooo it’s way too exciting to be relaxing. So I went out and bought pale gold paint and painted it on but it didn’t look organic enough. So I went over the entire line again with a paperclip. That’s right, I used a bit of wire instead of a paintbrush. This was really, really tedious. But finally I got the result that I wanted! Success! Rejoice! No, I mean relax!

All in all this took about a week to paint but it was worth it in the end.