Some of my friends have tried to upload their artworks to Redbubble but found that they end up with something like this:

The main issues are that there is a background to your image, which puts it in that little rectangle, and it’s just way too small. The good news is, I know the solution. The bad news is, the solution will cost you AU$14.29/month because it’s called Adobe Photoshop. I can’t guarantee that you’re going to break even on your Photoshop subscription so instead I recommend you use a tool that already offers transparency and resizing in the image creation itself, like Procreate. But if, like me, you really need to do this then this is a quick guide for you. You will need to install Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

To fix your image, you will need to create a transparent background and resize the image.

For transparency, here’s a screenshot with some arrows pointing vaguely to the areas I’m using – the Select menu and the Layers toolbar:

  1. Duplicate your background layer with your Sketches image.
  2. Click the eye icon on the background layer to hide it and select the duplicated layer
  3. Go to Select > Color range…
  4. Select the background colour that you want to remove (in this case, black)
  5. Turn fuzziness up to the MAX, and click OK
  6. Hit Delete on your keyboard. Boom! No more background.

The reason I use Color Range and not the Magic Wand tool is because it’s freaking amazing. Even with an image like this where the colour is blended with the background colour, it just sucks that background colour right out and lets me put it on any colour shirt I like without looking blocky and awkward.

Okay so now you need to resize it because otherwise your image will look tiny on your shirt. Also you won’t get that nice transparency unless it’s a PNG with the right settings.

  1. Go to File > Export > Export As…
  2. Change the Format to PNG
  3. Tick the “Transparency” box
  4. Under “Image Size” make your image pretty huge. I like to make one of the dimensions 5000px which always seems to be plenty.
  5. Click Export All… to save it

Ta-dah! It might not look great on every colour if you only designed it for a dark or light background, but it should look a damn sight better!

Enjoy your shirts!