It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Yet, somehow he felt empty just looking at it.

That’s what I wrote to describe this piece when I first drew it on a tiny notebook many years ago. Who can understand what a duck sees when it looks at an ice-cream cone? Only the duck itself, and perhaps even the duck does not understand.

I guess I like this because it’s weird and tasty. I think it’s great that the duck hasn’t tried to immediately eat the ice-cream, but instead is just taking a moment to take it all in and ponder the meaning of existence. I think that’s what they call “mindful eating”. It’s like when you eat a raisin but instead of just devouring it without thinking, ¬†you think about what a pointless life it’s had up until now and how it’s all wrinkled and dead just like you’ll be someday. What a great way to enjoy meals, and indeed life.

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