I’ve always loved clouds. Maybe it’s just because my middle name, Mei-Yin, literally translates to “pretty cloud” from Chinese. Maybe it’s just because they’re big and puffy and chill and they make rain sometimes which I also quite like.

I’ve drawn three cute clouds here – a happy sunset cloud, a sombre rain cloud and a cloud that’s done a bit of a whoopsie.

I first drew these little clouds in a notebook with the intention of someday making them into Facebook Messenger stickers with vector graphics, but when I tried to create them in Sketch (a vector graphic program) they just lost a lot of their character somehow. So on a plane recently I had another crack at it using my new favourite iPad app, Sketches. I’m much happier with how they turned out.

They took a few tries before I was completely happy with them. My discovery of the ruler tool was a game changer in the end. Then I decided to do something really fiddly and make them into a repeating pattern. This took a lot, lot longer to get right. It required Photoshop, lots of duplicate layers and a whole lot of patience. If I didn’t love my little clouds so much, I would have given up partway through.

But hey, check it out! I made a repeating pattern:

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