Mimics, amirite? You’re crawling some dungeon, you find a treasure chest, you KNOW it’s a mimic but…what if it’s not? What if it’s treasure? Haha, not in this game! Roll for initiative, chump.

Honestly I was a bit stuck for inspiration and the D&D 5th edition Monster Manual just happened to be the closest book nearby. It worked out well though because I’m just so happy with this cute little mimic. It’s one of the first designs I drew on my iPad using the Sketches app. Mimics are one of my favourite monsters. There’s something about a treasure chest that bites you that just tickles my funny bone.

I ordered this design myself on a miniskirt, so I could wear a mimic mini. I love it because the design is on both front and back and it makes it look like the mimic is licking my butt. If you would like a mimic to lick your butt, order yourself something nice from my Redbubble store by clicking the links below.

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