This is a digital version of a drawing a did about 7 years ago in a Moleskine notebook. Originally the skull was saying “NO” in a spooky way, and I can’t really explain why. I always thought this design would make a cool tattoo. Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a rock star, and then I wear stuff like this to make me feel cool. Sometimes it works.

I drew this on my iPad using the Sketches app. I don’t use a stylus and I only have an iPad mini, which surprises a lot of people. I think people think it sounds hard, but I have tiny hands and I like finger painting so it just makes sense to me. I really like the thick ink brush tool for doing outlines like this, although I find that if you want that nice thick-line-to-thinner-line effect you have to draw the line really fast. So I end up drawing the line, undo-ing, drawing it again, undo-ing, and so on and so forth. This may sound tedious but so much of drawing is just erasing and drawing the damn thing again so the luxury of having an undo button is actually amazingly efficient.

Then I exported the design into Photoshop and dicked around with transparency layers and resolution, just so that people like you can wear it on a cool tank top or whatever. Taste my salty blood, sweat and tears if you like, by purchasing something at Redbubble. I mean that metaphorically – actual blood, sweat and tears are not included with your purchase.

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